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2024-07-01Publication of the Eighth Issue of the Control Yuan Newsletter
2024-06-05CY President Chen leads delegation to 13th IOI World Conference
2024-04-08Committee on Foreign and National Defense Affairs Conducts Circuit Supervision at International Cooperation and Development Fund
2024-02-19Chen Urges Control Yuan to Continue Promoting Human Rights and Respond to Social Expectations at 2023 Performance Review Meeting
2024-01-08Control Yuan Members Conduct Circuit Supervision in Taitung and Hualien with Focus on Rural Healthcare and Cultural Heritage Renovation
2024-01-01Publication of the Seventh Issue of the Control Yuan Newsletter
2023-11-15CY Delegation led by Vice President Hung-Chun Lee Attends 2023 APOR Conference
2023-09-28Control Yuan Holds Workshop for All Members to Improve Operations and Efficiency
2023-09-11Control Yuan Produces New Introduction Videos, Holds Award Ceremony for Painting Competition
2023-08-02Chris Field, President of the International Ombudsman Institute and Western Australian Ombudsman, awarded the First-Grade CY Medal
2023-07-07Control Yuan Holds Inquiry Regarding Hsinchu County Government’s Handling of Urban Land Renewal Case in Hsinchu City
2023-07-01Publication of the Sixth Issue of the Control Yuan Newsletter
2023-06-30The Control Yuan Publishes 2022 Annual Report
2023-06-29Revealing the Beauty of Historic Architecture: Control Yuan Holds Unveiling Ceremony for Restored Dome
2023-05-30CY Committee on Educational and Cultural Affairs Focusing on Achievements in Earthquake Engineering Research and Volcanic Monitoring
2023-04-28CY Urges Faculty Evaluation Committee to Address the Systemic Problems in Practical Operation from Teachers involving Corporal Punishment of Children and Gender Equality Cases
2023-03-31Control Yuan Provides Greater Convenience to the Public by Launching “Single Account Shared Platform” Online Complaint Service
2023-02-24CY Urges District Offices in Indigenous Areas to Address Financial Neglect of Facilities
2023-01-01Publication of the Fifth Issue of the Control Yuan Newsletter
2022-12-28Taiwan and France Sign Agreement Strengthening Bilateral Cooperation on Human Rights