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President Chien's Speech on Chinese Control System in Thailand

  • PostDate:2002-01-14

President Fredrick F. Chien, keynote speaker invited by the Chinese Association of Thailand, addressed at the 9th Dr. Sun Yat-sen Lecture in Bangkok on 6 January 2002. The Lecture was established in 1993 to study Dr. Sun's ideology and blueprint to create a modern China. Most topics of the Lecture for the past nine years were all major issues concerned by the overseas Chinese. President Chien's topic “The theory and implementation of the Control (supervision) powers in Dr. Sun Yat-sen's five-power Constitution” focused from the functions and important contributions of the Control system to the protection of human rights. The influence of petitions and investigation cases conducted by the Control Yuan also supported Chien's view in his speech. This was particularly significant while some Taiwan political parties advocated amending the five-power constitution into a three-power system. The book “Sorrow for Ban Hinteh” was the most significant gift given by President Chien to the Host. The book is co-published by the Control Yuan to describe the heartbreaking struggle of Chinese descendants from an isolated Chinese nationalist force in north Thailand.