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President of Supreme Court of Auditors of Honduras Ricardo Rodríguez Visits Control Yuan for Exchanges and Experience Sharing

  • PostDate:2018-10-30

President of the Supreme Court of Auditors of Honduras, Ricardo Rodríguez, visited Taiwan with his wife at the invitation of the National Audit Office. Accompanied by Auditor General Lin Ching-Long, they met with CY President Chang Po-ya, Vice President Sun Ta-chuan and Deputy Secretary General Liu Wen-shih on the morning of October 23, engaging in a friendly exchange of views on the supervision and auditing systems of Taiwan and Honduras. According to Constitution of Honduras, the Supreme Court of Auditors shall have three judges, serving a term of 7 years and serving as the president in rotation for one year. The previous president José Juan Pineda Valera visited the Control Yuan last August, demonstrating the solid friendship between the two institions.
President Chang stated that with a constitutional mission, the CY has collaborated with the auditing, anti-corruption and investigation organs to discover the maladministration in order to fulfill the purposes of human rights protection and anti-corruption government establishment. President Chang also introduced the implementation of the Sunshine Acts. For example, property-declaration of public servants and political donations of political parties and candidates must be reported to the CY, preventing corruption through an open and transparent system.

President Rodríguez was impressed by the integrity and checks and balances of the CY’s powers, especially the correlated system of receipt of people’s complaints, human rights protection and government financial audit.
Through a guided tour of the CY, Complaint Receipt Center and the plenary meeting hall, President Rodríguez learned more about the CY’s powers and receipt of people’s written complanits. The visitors had strong interest in the procedure of property-declaration of public servants and political donations declaration, exepcting to receive more related information from the CY. Lastly, President Chang even pointed out the CY has actively engaged in international exchange affairs, maintaining friendly relations with Defensorías del Pueblo in Central and South America via the network of the Iberoamerican Federation of Ombudsman (FIO), signing cooperative agreements and memorandums of understanding with several Latin American ombudsman institutions. She also wished the visitors a pleasant stay in Taiwan and expressed the hope of engaging in more exchanges with them in the future.