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NAO International Exchange Program Participants Visit Control Yuan

  • PostDate:2019-03-22

Participants in the 2019 International Exchange Program held by the National Audit Office (NAO) visited the Control Yuan on March 12, 2019. The 24 program participants from Latin America and Turkey were accompanied by NAO Deputy Auditor General Wang Li-jen. During the visit, they engaged in open and friendly discussions with CY President Chang Po-ya, Vice President Sun Ta-chuan, Secretary General Fu Meng-rong and Deputy Secretary General Liu Wen-shih.
President Chang welcomed the visitors and introduced the CY’s powers and duties. She noted that last year, the CY received and handled more than 16,000 complaints, issued over 300 investigation reports, and impeached a total of 32 public servants for violations of the law or neglect of duty. Through the effective exercise of its powers, the CY has made a significant contribution to promoting good governance and maintaining social stability.
The NAO is a subordinate body of the CY. When the CY discovers suspected financial misconduct by the central or local governments, it forwards such cases to the NAO to investigate. Likewise, when the NAO discovers any administrative or financial misconduct, it can report to the CY for further investigation. Through the NAO international exchange program, participants gain a better understanding of the close cooperative relationship between the two institutions.
During the discussion, the visitors asked a wide range of questions, including related to the types of complaints filed, the handling of complaints, the impeachment process, and corrective measures. President Chang answered all the questions in detail, providing the visitors with greater insights into the CY’s operations.
President Chang also noted that many of the visitors’ home countries have set up bodies to monitor government and safeguard human rights, such as Defensorías del Pueblo, Human Rights Protection Prosecutor's Office or National Human Rights Commission. Although their names and functions differ, these bodies all share with the CY the common purpose of working for righteousness and justice for all citizens. At the end of the visit, she wished all the program participants a pleasant time in Taiwan and expressed the hope of forging closer cooperation between the CY and these institutes in order to further enhance promotion of good governance and human rights protection.