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Honduras Supreme Court of Auditors President Visits Control Yuan for Exchanges

  • PostDate:2019-04-18

President of the Supreme Court of Auditors of Honduras Roy Pineda Castro and his wife called on the Control Yuan on the morning of April 15 during their visit in Taiwan at the invitation of the National Audit Office (NAO).
Accompanied by Auditor General Lin Ching-Long, they met with CY President Chang Po-ya, Vice President Sun Ta-chuan and Secretary General Fu Meng-rong, engaging in a friendly exchange of views on the supervision and auditing systems in Taiwan and Honduras.
According to the Constitution of Honduras, the Supreme Court of Auditors shall have three judges, serving a term of seven years, with the judges rotating as president for one-year periods. Previous presidents, including José Juan Pineda Valera and Ricardo Rodríguez, have visited the CY in the past, demonstrating the solid friendship between the two institutions.
During the discussion, Mr. Pineda stated that while he already has a basic understanding of the CY’s powers and functions through discussions with the aforementioned former presidents, he wanted to visit in person with the aim of learning more through direct exchanges about the CY’s experiences in safeguarding human rights and combating corruption.
While briefing the visiting dignitaries, President Chang said that in carrying out its constitutional mission, the CY has engaged in cooperation with the NAO to uncover and deal with maladministration in order to uphold integrity in government and safeguard human rights. President Chang also briefly introduced the operation of Taiwan’s “Sunshine Acts,” including the requirements that property-declaration by public servants and political donations to political parties and candidates must be reported to the CY, which are aimed at preventing corruption through an open and transparent system.
For his part, Mr. Pineda talked about the National Human Rights Commission in Honduras, indicating that it was established by law and exists outside of other executive government agencies with its own structure and budget. The chairman of the Commission, namely the ombudsman, is also selected by the parliament. He noted that the Supreme Court of Auditors has worked closely with the National Human Rights Commission, helping through their joint efforts to enhance Honduras’ standing in Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index, as well as boost citizen participation, and ensure fairness in the public servant selection process.
In response, President Chang pointed out that since first being invited by the National Human Rights Commission of Honduras more than 20 years ago, the CY has attended as an observer the annual conferences of the Iberoamerican Federation of Ombudsman (FIO), maintaining close and friendly relations with the various ombudsman institutions of Latin American nations.
At the end of the visit, President Chang wished the distinguished guests a pleasant stay in Taiwan and expressed the hope of enhancing exchanges between their respective institutions in the future.