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Control Yuan to host 31st APOR Conference

  • PostDate:2019-08-23

The 31st Australasian and Pacific Ombudsman Region (APOR) Conference is scheduled to be hosted by the Control Yuan in Taiwan this coming Sept. 25 to 27.
This year’s conference will commence with a Members Meeting, followed by a human rights workshop and then visits to cultural sights. The workshop, whose theme will be “the Ombudsman’s Role in Human Rights Protection,” will be divided into three sessions, on “Practices and Recent Developments of the IOI,” “the Ombudsman and the Protection the Economically and Socially Disadvantaged People’s Human Rights,” and “the Multifunctional Role of the Ombudsman.”
The first session will introduce the IOI’s practices in human rights protection, as well as the practices of the Iberoamerican Federation of Ombudsman (FIO) in combating torture. The second session will feature the sharing and discussion of case studies on the protection by ombudsmen of the rights of economically or socially vulnerable individuals or groups. The final session will focus on the topic of how the ombudsman’s powers have become ever more comprehensive as human rights have become a universal value.
The Control Yuan is delighted to have the opportunity to once again host the APOR Conference. It last enjoyed the honor in 2011 when the 26th session was held. For this year’s gathering, in addition to the official proceedings, a number of activities have been arranged, including a special calligraphy display and cultural visits, as well as a special reception and gala dinner to welcome the distinguished APOR members and invited guests from abroad.
For more information on the 31st APOR Conference, please refer to http://2019apor.tw