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31st APOR Conference and Seminar on Human Rights to Open on September 25

  • PostDate:2019-09-25

The Control Yuan will host the 31st Australasian and Pacific Ombudsman Region (APOR) Conference from September 25 to 27, which will include a workshop on the theme of “the Ombudsman’s Role in Human Rights Protection,” with the aim of advancing international ombudsman exchanges and interactions.

This will mark the second time that the Control Yuan hosts the APOR Conference since joining the International Ombudsman Institute (IOI) in 1994. It last enjoyed the honor in 2011 when the 26th session was convened. This year’s conference will begin with a Member’s Meeting on September 25. CY President Chang Po-ya will officially inaugurate the conference at the opening ceremony the following day. The workshop will also be held on September 26, and will be divided into three sessions, on “Practices and Recent Development of the International Ombudsman Institute,” “the Ombudsman and the Protection of Economically and Socially Disadvantaged People’s Human Rights” and “The Multifunctional Role of the Ombudsman.” More than 30 distinguished guests from 12 countries, including IOI Secretary General Werner Amon, Ibero-American Federation of Ombudsman (FIO) Secretary General Carmen Comas-Mata Mira, APOR Regional President Peter Boshier, and Chief Parliamentary Ombudsman of Sweden Elisabeth Rynning, will take part in the event, engaging in discussions and exchanges on practices and outcomes in human rights protection and ombudsmanship around the region.

Since joining the IOI more than two decades ago, the Control Yuan has maintained friendly relations with ombudsman institutions around the world through active exchanges and engagement in related activities. This year’s APOR conference will provide an opportunity for other countries to gain a better understanding of Taiwan’s supervisory system and its effectiveness, thereby helping to increase the country’s international visibility and to further enhance its international ombudsman exchanges. A tour has been arranged for September 27 after the conference to give participants the opportunity to experience some of Taiwan’s impressive cultural sights.