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The Control Yuan Publishes 2019 Annual Report

  • PostDate:2020-06-15

Continuously with its constitutional powers, the Control Yuan (CY) maintains its independent and impartial position, and is meticulous in its approach to bringing overall improvement to government, protecting human rights, and promoting good governance.


Recently the CY published the 2019 Annual Report. Thanks to the CY members and staff’s hard work, our performance last year is fruitful. In 2019, the CY received 14,425 people’s complaints and issued 262 investigation reports. Also 18 impeachment and 116 corrective measure cases were proposed.


By following corrective measures and recommendations proposed by the CY, various government ministries and agencies saved the state coffers a total of NT$1.51784 billion(US$50.62 million).In addition, government policies and laws have been improved with a total of 692 improvements made and 118 laws amended (116) or repealed (2).


The Annual Report includes 6 case summaries, which are categorized into public expenditures, upholding discipline and safeguarding human rights. In hopes of promoting exchanges and mutual understandings with IOI colleagues, the Annual Report, published in both English and Spanish, is available on the CY website.