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Control Yuan National Human Rights Commission promotes human rights education for civil servants

  • PostDate:2020-11-19

The Control Yuan’s National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) and the Examination Yuan’s National Academy of Civil Service (NACS) launched a cooperative education campaign to promote human rights awareness among civil servants on the morning of Oct. 27th, 2020.
This is the first inter-yuan collaboration on human rights education. High-level officials from both Yuans attended the launch. Those from the NHRC included Chair Chu CHEN, Vice Chair Yung-Cheng KAO, Commissioners Jung-Chang WANG, Chiu-Chin TIEN, Hui-Jung CHI, Ta-Hua YEH, Chu-Fang CHANG, and Secretary General Fu-Meei JU.
CY President and NHRC Chair Chu CHEN remarked that civil servants are the hands pushing the country forward. If through this training program they can appreciate the importance of human rights, then they will respect all people and sympathize with the disadvantaged.
Human rights education will be part of a training program for new civil servants starting on Nov. 30th. The NHRC will select investigation and correction reports related to human rights issues, editing them into human rights teaching materials. We hope to make concrete once-abstract human rights ideals through analyzing case studies.
Vice Chair of the NHRC Yung-Cheng KAO, used an investigation into the auction of an old house due to an NT$18,000 (US$625) traffic ticket as an introduction to the human rights teaching material. For the disadvantaged, civil servants should not solely be held to the expectation of acting according to the law, but should also seek to strike a balance between public and private interests.
The launch ended with NHRC and NACS stickers being stuck to a large school bag as a symbolic show of the project’s spirit.