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Control Yuan 90th Anniversary Symposium on Practices and Prospects for Supervisory Power

  • PostDate:2021-05-27

2021 marks 90 years since the establishment of the Control Yuan, and on April 30, this anniversary was celebrated with a symposium comprising four panels: “Constitutionalism and Supervision,” “Supervisory Power and Legal Due Process,” “Supervision and Justice,” and “The Past of the Supervisory System and the Future of Human Rights.” The panels were moderated by former president of the Judicial Yuan In-jaw LAI, former grand justice Yih-nan LIAO, National Taiwan University College of Law Professor Emeritus Hong-xi LI, and the third-term CY Member Fu-Mei CHANG. They were accompanied by distinguished guests from various fields of law, including former president of the Judicial Yuan Hau-min LAI and several former CY Members.

In her keynote speech, CY President Chu CHEN remarked that the establishment of the National Human Rights Commission has served to further flesh out the functionality of the Control Yuan. She hoped that through the symposium and dialogue with the community, the wider public could more fully understand how the ROC’s current system of supervision and audit arose and how the Control Yuan fulfills the four major missions of such a system through ensuring government’s ethics, rectifying official conduct, protecting human rights, and redressing public grievances. President CHEN also expressed her expectation that in the face of various institutional changes and imminent transformation, the Control Yuan will continue to take heed of the people’s voices and needs, ensuring that the core values and concepts of human rights can be further extended in society.

While the symposium was warmly received in all quarters, due to controls around the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, only 215 registrants were accepted. However, the Control Yuan recorded the symposium for later upload to the Internet so that the public can also see the talks given by these scholars and experts in full.