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NHRC Calls on Russia to Immediately Cease the Invasion of Ukraine and Comply with UN Conventions and Human Rights Treaties

  • PostDate:2022-03-14

It has been three weeks since the Russian military invaded Ukraine, and civilian casualties are mounting. This military assault had resulted in a major humanitarian crisis. With the fear of losing their lives and the lives of their loved ones, many Ukrainians were forced to flee their country. As the military invasion has and is still generating a monumental impact on the human rights of the people in Ukraine and causing them extensive suffering and irreparable harm, the National Human Rights Commission of Taiwan (NHRC) urges Russia to immediately stop the invasion of Ukraine and comply with the UN conventions and human rights treaties.

NHRC condemns Russia's brutal military operations and infringement on human rights, such an action not only constitutes a violation of the basic principles of the Charter of the United Nations but also seriously violates the “No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his life” as stipulated in the ICCPR and ICESCR.

The right to life is the fundamental right of the international legal order, and it is the core of the implementation of other human rights. NHRC urges the Russian military to immediately stop indiscriminate attacks on civilians and peacefully end the hostile operation according to UN conventions as soon as possible.

Human rights are universal, interdependent, and indivisible. NHRC will continuously work with global human rights institutions in supporting the human rights and the resolution of the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine until Ukrainian civilians can exercise their fundamental rights without military or external interference. Furthermore, the NHRC will support the Taiwanese government to coordinate and cooperate with international communities, in providing medical aid as well as actively protecting human rights.