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Control Yuan and Judicial Yuan Jointly Organize Citizen Judges Moot Court Simulation

  • PostDate:2022-05-02

To improve understanding of the Citizen Judges Act, an unprecedented evolution in Taiwanese juridical history and will take effect in 2023, the CY and the Judicial Yuan collaborated to organize a series of new citizen judge experiential activities and visits.
The experimental activity on March 31 was held at the dedicated citizen judges’ court, which was completed on March 1 at Taiwan New Taipei District Court. Three CY members — Mei-Yu WANG, Yung-cheng KAO, Ta-Hua YEH and Secretary General Judy Fu-meei JU led 47 CY colleagues in participating in the activity through practically taking up the various roles in moot court and experiencing the processes of appointment, deliberation, and resolution.
Among the people’s written complaints received by the Control Yuan, cases regarding judicial and prison administration account for nearly forty percent (39.3%); among the investigation reports passed by deliberation, such cases account for 21.6%. It is obvious to see that such cases are a major part of the exercise of the CY’s power. As such, CY colleagues ought to be equipped with fundamental legal backgrounds, along with the equivalent understanding regarding the justice system and its processes. During simulated deliberation, CY members and other participants discussed the issues and raised numerous opinions, an effort which was far-reaching in facilitating a more thoroughly implemented citizen judges trial system.