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Committee on Social Welfare and Environment Hygiene Affairs Focus on Occupational Safety and Health and Vocational Training for People with Disabilities

  • PostDate:2022-11-07

On October 27 and 28, 2022, Control Yuan President Chen Chu accompanied Social Welfare and Environment Hygiene Affairs Convener Su Li-Chiung and a group of Control Yuan Members to conduct circuit supervision of the Southern Occupational Safety and Health Center (part of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Ministry of Labor) and the Kaohsiung City Government Labor Bureau Bo-Ai Vocational Training Center, as well as visiting ASE Group for the purpose of promoting workplace safety, vocational training for people with disabilities, and the operation of sheltered workshops for people with disabilities.

Occupational safety issues were the central focus, including differences and improvements in occupational accident hazard rates in different situations, reviewing the risk of labor injuries caused by carcinogenic, mutagenic, or toxic for reproduction (CMR) substances, how small-scale factories are implementing occupational safety measures on the back of efforts from large-scale factories, the proportions of local and migrant workers involved in occupational disasters in the construction industry, occupational accident insurance disability benefit payments for migrant workers, occupational safety management system operation, occupational accidents involving teenagers and the status of additional liability insurance, manpower for labor inspections, the promotion of friendly workplace environments, return-to-work rates among employees who have been involved in occupational accidents, and the standard of closure for occupational accident cases.

On October 27, President Chen visited ASE Group, the winner of 2021 National Occupational Safety and Health Award. Chen remarked that she hoped the company would continue to protect water resources and value environmental protection, and that they would keep strengthening occupational health and safety and employee well-being with a focus on corporate sustainability. CY members also expressed their hopes that the company could motivate its upstream and downstream manufacturers to pursue and pay attention to creating friendly workplaces that focus on occupational health and safety.