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Publication of the Fifth Issue of the Control Yuan Newsletter

  • PostDate:2023-01-01

The fifth issue of the Control Yuan Newsletter English version is published on January 1st, 2023. The Control Yuan Newsletter includes topics such as the latest news, powers and duties, government reform, human rights education and international exchanges in order to strengthen communication with the international ombudsman and human rights community.
The fifth issue compiles Control Yuan news of the second half of 2022, including articles on CY delegation attends 34th APOR Conference, NHRC Chairperson Chen Chu leads the Delegation to France and Germany, CY VP Lee Hung-chun leads delegation to Japan to study net-zero transformation, CY joins 26th FIO Annual Assembly, CY President leads members in circuit supervision of EY, The Control Yuan 90th Anniversary Special Issue released, Taiwan and France sign agreement on human rights and EU-Taiwan engagement.
The Control Yuan Newsletter will be published every half-year. Please refer to our website for more: https://www.cy.gov.tw/EN/cp.aspx?n=712