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CY Committee on Educational and Cultural Affairs Focusing on Achievements in Earthquake Engineering Research and Volcanic Monitoring

  • PostDate:2023-05-30

The Control Yuan Educational and Cultural Committee conducted circuit supervision on April 24, 2023, led by convener Pasuya Poiconx, accompanied by CY VP Lee Hung-chun and a delegation of Control Yuan members. In the morning, they visited the Taipei Laboratory of the National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering (NCREE) under the National Applied Research Laboratories, a non-profit organization. They observed the operation of large-scale experimental facilities such as earthquake simulation tables, reaction wall and strong floor testing, and multi-axis testing systems. In the afternoon, they continued with a visit to the Taiwan Volcano Observatory at Tatun (hereinafter referred to as TVO) to understand the distribution of monitoring network stations, volcanic monitoring and analysis methods, and the results of science communication efforts. They also listened to briefings on the business operations of the NCREE and TVO and engaged in a wide-ranging discussion. Finally, they inspected the Xiaoyoukeng Volcano Continuous Gas Monitoring Station.

Convener Pasuya Poiconx, a member of the Control Yuan, stated that the NCREE continues to develop advanced academic research, gaining international recognition and obtaining technological patents to enhance the overall seismic resistance of the nation's buildings and bridges. The TVO continues to monitor the Tatun volcano group and Guishan Island (Turtle Island), proposing innovative monitoring methods and demonstrating that Taiwan’s earthquake engineering research and development, as well as volcano monitoring and research, are competitive on the international stage. The Convener expects the NCREE and TVO will continue to refine their core businesses, train professional talents, and strengthen the nation's pre-disaster earthquake resistance and post-disaster recovery capabilities to safeguard the lives and property rights of the people.