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The Control Yuan Publishes 2022 Annual Report

  • PostDate:2023-06-30

Empowered by the Constitution, the Control Yuan (CY) maintains an independent, impartial position and is meticulous in its approach to bringing overall improvement to government, protecting human rights, and promoting good governance.
The “2022 Annual Report of the Control Yuan,” the latest yearly record, has been published. Over the course of 2022, the CY received 14,207 people’s complaints, issued 282 investigation reports, passed 27 impeachment cases, and proposed corrective measures in 108 cases. Moreover, its work preventing corruption and implementing the Sunshine Acts, along with the National Human Rights Commission’s works safeguarding human rights, have both been fruitful in their accomplishments, which are also recorded here.
The Annual Report includes 6 case summaries, which are categorized into “Disciplinary correction of government officials,” “Safeguarding and caring for the rights of the disadvantaged” and “Enhancing the values of human rights.” Furthermore, the CY actively participated in international ombudsman affairs in 2022, attended the APOR and FIO conferences and received foreign guests. The English edition of the CY 90th Anniversary Special Issue was published to help the international community better understand Taiwan’s efforts and achievements in promoting supervisory and human rights work. The Annual Report, published in both English and Spanish, is available on the CY website.