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Control Yuan Produces New Introduction Videos, Holds Award Ceremony for Painting Competition

  • PostDate:2023-09-11

The CY hosted a premiere event for new introduction videos, along with an award ceremony for a painting competition on 11 July 2023. President Chu Chen remarked that as the members of the sixth-term CY enter the fourth year of their tenure, they continue to actively address citizens’ livelihoods, uphold principles of justice, safeguard human rights, and release a series of significant investigation reports.
The content of this new introduction video comprises a compilation of investigations conducted by the members of the sixth-term CY. These investigations highlight our accomplishments and changes over the past three years. The featured cases encompass our dedications to finding a balance between disease control and human rights; fortifying national defense while upholding discipline; protecting the rights of migrant workers; ensuring the welfare of citizens and their assets; advocating for sustainable development, a green economy, and reduced carbon emissions; and fostering education to boost competitiveness.
President Chen further expressed the CY’s commitment to strengthening ties with ombudsman and human rights offices worldwide, fostering connections within the global community of international ombudsman institutions. The premiere event was also seamlessly integrated with the painting competition’s award ceremony, showcasing the creative contributions of the public and highlighting the splendor of the CY’s century-old building.
In addition to the Chinese version, the CY introduction video is also available in English, Spanish, and Japanese versions, showing our commitment to reaching out to the international community. These videos can be accessed at the links below: