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Chen Urges Control Yuan to Continue Promoting Human Rights and Respond to Social Expectations at 2023 Performance Review Meeting

  • PostDate:2024-02-19

The Control Yuan held its 2023 performance review meeting on Jan. 18, 2024. President Chu Chen thanked all Members and partners for their dedicated hard work in the past year, and commended the sixth-term Control Yuan Members for having upheld their duties to supervise the government and promote clean politics, good governance, and human rights, fully demonstrating the Control Yuan’s contribution and values to the nation.
Secretary General Chun-Yi Lee kicked off the meeting with the 2023 report of Yuan duties, including amending legislation, inviting constitutional law scholars to offer advice on modifying regulations for case filing and investigation, reinforcing the sharing and research of complaint reception, and elevating the efficiency of case processing. The Control Yuan has also continued to push for the promotion and execution of the Sunshine Acts, aiming to achieve transparency and public accountability, and to crack down on corruption. In addition, it has been represented at annual events such as the 2023 Australasia Pacific Ombudsman Region (APOR) Conference and the annual meeting of the Federación Iberoamericana del Ombudsperson (FIO). Looking to the future, the Control Yuan intends to continue its administrative work and its efforts to deepen ties and facilitate exchanges with foreign ombudsman institutions across the globe.  
After Secretary General Lee’s report, the seven Standing Committees, National Human Rights Commission, and National Audit Office each gave reports on their past performance, performance efficiency, areas to improve upon, and future expectations, as well as proposed plans and strategies to reform their duties. Together, they will continue to keep their collective finger at the pulse of social and global trends and address the challenges and difficulties that the nation currently faces, working to ensure that the government is governing well.
President Chen expressed high hopes that the incumbent committee members can achieve new milestones in the next three years and continue to push for human rights protection, enabling the Control Yuan to better cater to the needs of the people and become an institution upon which they can rely.