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Committee on Foreign and National Defense Affairs Conducts Circuit Supervision at International Cooperation and Development Fund

  • PostDate:2024-04-08

Head of the Committee on Foreign and National Defense Affairs Tzu-Yu Hsiao, President Chu Chen of the Control Yuan, and 13 Control Yuan members conducted a comprehensive inspection at the International Cooperation and Development Fund (ICDF) to gain a deeper understanding of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ promotion of development and the ICDF’s achievements in providing international assistance.
The Control Yuan members discussed various topics during their oversight, including strategies for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to leverage indigenous talents and integrate Taiwanese expertise to enhance Taiwan’s diplomatic efforts. They also reviewed the ICDF’s partnerships with domestic and international non-governmental organizations to support the Taiwanese government and businesses in advancing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, such as carbon sinks and trading carbon credits. The ICDF serves as a facilitator in these initiatives and promotes the government’s international support efforts through media channels like TaiwanPlus and the Public Television Service. Additionally, they examined the ICDF’s initiatives to deploy qualified Mandarin teachers to 11 partner countries to provide professional Mandarin instruction and the Overseas Community Affairs Council’s efforts to boost Mandarin education abroad. The ICDF is collaborating with like-minded nations to further international support endeavors, enhancing foreign affairs substitute military service, and partnering with educational institutions through measures such as collaboration agreements to help students integrate into the global community.
Tzu-Yu Hsiao noted that Taiwan was previously recognized for its international development efforts through medical and agricultural groups. With Taiwan’s enhanced economic strength in recent years, it is imperative to maintain its commitment to international assistance to fulfill its obligations as a global citizen. Through the annual circuit supervision program, the CY assists various central institutions in fulfilling their responsibilities and advancing the nation. These objectives align with the goals every CY member wishes to see achieved.